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5 Tips To Overcome Negative Self Talk [Day 22]

Hey, Lidia here.

So far I’ve talked to you about how to talk to other people.

But how we talk to ourselves is as important to create the relationship we want.

Personally I’ve struggled throughout my entire life because of the way I talk to myself.

I used to tell myself why I’m not good enough, and this negative self-talk sabotaged me from meeting people I want and having a good time in life.

When I first realized it was actually me who had stopped me from being loved, it came as a big shock.

But this challenge has taught me that making a strong commitment can change anything, even how you talk to yourself.

I’ve been committed to improving how I talk to myself for many years, and even more so on this challenge. I’ve created this video to show you how you can improve the relationship you have with yourself.

I really believe it can help you, so don’t miss it.

Check out in the video 5 tips you can use to get over your negative self-talk.

Creating your dream relationship is a lot simpler when you have a dream relationship with yourself.

Why not start from today by saying goodbye to negative self talk? 🙂

Comment and tell me what you think.

I’ve really enjoyed reading your comments and talking to you. It’s what encourages me to openly share what I’m going through and love you more.

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