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FUN VIBES! No Excuses [Day 17]

Even after talking to strangers for 17 days, there is still anxiety.

But you know what makes me keep going?

It’s FUN talking to people!

Watch in the video how I went from excuses to fun vibes..

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Going Out ALONE As A Woman [Day 16]

It took me about an hour before I finally took up courage to talk to anybody.

Being on my own wasn’t easy, but it was a great step forward. I learnt that I don’t need help from others to overcome anxiety and cope with rejection. I can give myself permission.

Watch in the video how I got on with going out solo in the street.

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How To GET A DATE At Salsa [Day 15]

We went to a Salsa night!

Whilst dancing with a partner, I realized the parallels with dating.

If you worry too much about the ‘how’, how to be, it ruins the experience you share with your partner. You aren’t being present with them.

Watch how we got on at the night in the video.

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How To CREATE A Strong Connection [Day 13]

I finally told a man how I felt in the street.

It was absolutely THRILLING.

Surprisingly, building a strong connection wasn’t about saying or doing the right things…

It was about truly being me, expressing how I feel without fear.

Watch in the video to see for yourself what I mean by connection.

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