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Long Distance Relationship? DO THIS

Its not easy being in a long distance relationship, but there are some important things that you can do to make it work. In this video I talk about what I learned about how to keep the relationship healthy when you are distant from your partner. Being in a long distance relationship often feels tough.…

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Is It Wrong For An Asian Woman To Date A White Man?

Today I watched a video about hate comments and prejudices about interracial relationships: I once had a fantasy about dating a white man, and thought I didn’t want to date a Korean guy. Why? I wanted to be more international, speaking English, and thought white men are gentler, sweeter, and sexually better. (I doubt that…

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How to Keep your Boyfriend

There are no steps or techniques that need to be implemented nor strictly followed on how to find a boyfriend. If you are single and are in search for the guy who can be an ideal boyfriend, only you can determine your fate. Finding a boyfriend is tough, you need to go on several dates…

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