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Is It Wrong For An Asian Woman To Date A White Man?

Today I watched a video about hate comments and prejudices about interracial relationships: I once had a fantasy about dating a white man, and thought I didn’t want to date a Korean guy. Why? I wanted to be more international, speaking English, and thought white men are gentler, sweeter, and sexually better. (I doubt that…

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What is the purpose of a relationship?

I am about to reach 30 and have had several relationships with the guys in different ages, nationalities, family or cultural backgrounds, personalities, etc. (Here I’m specifically talking about a romantic relationship). As I approach what’s considered “the right time” to get married in my culture, people start to ask me “my plan to get…

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An Alimony Attorney Makes Sure Everyone Plays Fair

If you are on the brink of a divorce, you most likely have a thousand things going through your head every day including the cost of divorce. This is an event that is totally unplanned and can turn out to be stressful as well. Among all the topics that come up, money is on of…

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Diamond Wedding Ring Alternatives

Lets face it, times are changing and the age old tradition of finding the perfect diamond for your loved one may not be the perfect fit. Diamonds are still wonderful, but many women are hoping to be unique and that includes finding a gem that is as fabulous but also different. If diamonds aren’t your…

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