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Dating Tips For Dudes

Sometimes we believe as men that we have the whole dating thing down to a science. We believe that there is not one thing about dating that we do not already know about. Thinking this way is a great way to remain single for the entire span of your life. Even though you think you have it figured out, there are a few key things that a lot of men still overlook. Here are a few dating tips for you dudes that will be heading out for a first date with a new babe.

Pay attention to the smaller details dudes. Our ladies spend hours in the bathroom primping, tweezing, shaving, curling, and coloring just to look good for us. This is for us, not for them. So when you are getting ready for your date take some time to look over yourself. Did you trim that shaggy beard? Did you check that your ear and nose hair is in check? Did you clean out from under your finger nails? Did you iron your shirt or is it super wrinkled from being wadded up under your bed?

Another thing to think about is your punctuality. Don’t be overly late for a new babe or you may not get a second chance. Women like to know they can depend on their men and if you are late for your first meeting together, chances are you are now seen as a major loser in her eyes. If you are going to be late, let her know that you are in route and will be there as soon as possible. Don’t leave her hanging. If you let her know that you’re on your way and she’s gone when you get there, then don’t fret – she probably wasn’t for you.

Ladies love flowers, but not on a first date! On a first date you shouldn’t have to present her with a gift – unless its natural for you to do so. Showing up with flowers is a great way to let her know that you have zero dating experience. Women don’t want a clueless doormat, so don’t be one – read everything you can on this site!

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