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ATTRACTION VS Approach Anxiety [Day 11]

How do you know if you are attracted to somebody?

It’s a strong feeling. You feel it deep in your gut.
You are naturally drawn to that person without thinking.

Because…Physical attraction is not a choice.

But you know the scenario:

You see them and then you can’t decide if you like them or not.

Your mind comes up with different reasons to stop you.

And before you know it. They’ve gone.

When it comes to attraction. Our mind is often too slow..

You have to follow your heart instead.

Following your heart needs practice..
We call this the ”closing the gap” exercise.

Watch in the video how Tim closed the gap between his heart and mind in the street.

The faster you are able to talk to people you like without getting paralyzed by thinking too much, the closer you move toward your dream relationship.

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