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Going Out ALONE As A Woman [Day 16]

Hey, Lidia here.

Being in the street alone without any support wasn’t easy..

It took me about an hour before I finally took up courage to talk to anybody.

Watch in the video how I got on with being alone in the street.

Being on my own wasn’t easy, but it was a great step forward. I learnt that I don’t need help from others to overcome anxiety and cope with rejection. I can give myself permission.

These 2 tips help to talk to a stranger even when you are on you own:

1. Make a commitment to do the very first approach no matter what.

The initial anxiety is usually hardest to get over, which is why many people give up even before they start..

Once you talk to the first person, you get into the groove of doing it and it gets easier.

2. Listen to your heart and follow your feeling of attraction.

If you are in line with your heart, attraction is stronger than anxiety.

Focus on your feeling of attraction to somebody you want to talk to.

Now I know I can really do it wherever I am 🙂

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