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FUN VIBES! No Excuses [Day 17]

Hey, Lidia here.

Even after talking to strangers for 17 days, there is still anxiety.

My mind still comes up with different excuses because overcoming anxiety doesn’t feel pleasant. I really struggled in the beginning of the night.

But you know what makes me keep going?

It’s FUN talking to people!

Being able to talk to guys I like is fun.
If I add flirting to it, it’s even more fun!

When I’m actually having fun, people get to enjoy talking to me more.

Even rejection gets softer.

Watch in the video how I went from excuses to fun vibes..

We often wait for something fun to happen or for the right person to show up and don’t realize how much power we have to create fun for ourselves.

When we have fun, people want to be around us.

Creating fun in our life is a way of loving ourselves and ultimately creating the dream relationship we want.

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