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Making FRIENDS and Phở local Vietnemese style [Day 18]

Hey, it’s Lidia 🙂

I went out to enjoy the night in a Vietnamese style.

Creating abundance in social life is important to be successful in dating as well.

Your thriving social life helps you to nurture more approachable vibes and you get to meet more interesting people.

I’ve talked to so many different people through this challenge. Hanging out with people who I’ve never met wasn’t an issue at all.

What’s important was being open and fun 🙂

Watch in the video what a locals social night-out looks like in Vietnam.

I learnt that if I send out love to the world, the world returns my love in various ways.

So I will keep going because I love what I’ve experienced so far and I want to meet somebody to deepen the connection with 🙂

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