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How To Feel Confident Talking To Strangers [Day 19]

Hey, Lidia here.

I was on fire!

It couldn’t be easier to talk to people..

Being in a festive environment definitely helps to talk to people. You just need to ride with that exciting energy.

I walked up to an attractive guy without any hesitation, but you know how they first react..the usual suspicious look…

But did it stop me? Nope, I was having way too much fun to stop.

He felt it and joined me in the end 🙂

Watch in the video how being confident helped me to talk to an attractive man in the street.

When you do something scary like talking to a stranger, you are neither competent nor confident at the beginning, which makes it harder to start.

But start with making a commitment and taking up a courage, then competence and confidence follows with its own time.

I couldn’t even ask for directions when I started this challenge. But here I am now, confidently walking up to a guy I like in the street.

It is a life-changing transformation to create the dream relationship 🙂

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