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Dealing With CRIPPLING Rejection [Day 7]

I got rejected big time today.

It was quite upsetting..

Why did he say no to me?

But hang on a minute….let me reframe the question :
Why wouldn’t he say no to a complete stranger?


I realize I have an expectation even about a complete stranger..

As a woman, I can’t deny I am used to rejecting men, but not vice versa.

This sense of entitlement makes a dating difficult for both men and women.

Checkout the video where I explain about the entitlement issue some women have (including me..)

Whether we are rejected or rejecting, rejection is a part of finding and creating the relationship we want.

Getting a big no actually means I’m getting at a big yes soon.

You are going to watch how it’s going to happen to me in the coming videos!

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