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Diamond Wedding Ring Alternatives

Lets face it, times are changing and the age old tradition of finding the perfect diamond for your loved one may not be the perfect fit. Diamonds are still wonderful, but many women are hoping to be unique and that includes finding a gem that is as fabulous but also different. If diamonds aren’t your girl’s best friend, you’ll have to choose another gemstone for the engagement ring or other jewelry gift. Refer to this list to help when you are searching for the perfect stone to match the gift you want to give.

Ruby: This red colored gem is one of the more popular alternatives to diamonds. The red color makes it a striking stone to use in any piece of jewelry. High quality rubies are very valuable. Large, transparent rubies are rarer than diamonds. Rubies are a very hard stone.

Sapphire: Very closely related to the ruby (all properties being equal except for the color), the sapphire comes in all colors, except for red. Sapphires offer more flexibility in color and style options than the Ruby. The sapphire is also a very hard, durable stone.

Alexandrite: This gemstone is very rare and often difficult to acquire. The stone itself is well-known for its color changing properties. During the day the stone is green/blue to yellow/green. In darker lights, such as candle light, the stone appears pink or red. This stone is particularly flattering in a round cut. It’s very difficult to acquire stones larger than 2 karats.

Moonstone: This gemstone is so named because the color and light reflection resemble the light of the moon. The moonstone is much easier to find in the market than other gemstones. You’ll pay more for a transparent moonstone with a blue color than other varieties. Moonstones look lovely in brooches. They crack easily, so special care is required. This may not be the best replacement for a diamond given how easily it can crack, but it may be something worth considering.

Aquamarine: This blue green stone can range from light blue to blue green. The lighter colored stones tend to be lower cost. A deep colored aquamarine is considered more valuable. Aquamarines are very often flawless. This stone is used in necklaces, rings and earrings.

Zircon: This stone, more than any other, resembles the diamond. The sparkle and luster are similar. The most common colors used in jewelry are blue, golden brown, and white. This stone works well for rings and earrings.

There are many different gemstones that can make a piece of jewelry unique. Do some shopping to find the perfect stone for your girlfriend. While some of these gemstones are rare, many of them are more common and can be found in nearly any price range, depending on size, quality and setting. The perfect ring or piece ofjewelry is out there and just waiting for you to find it.

This is a guest post by Kate Hassel. Kate works with a Jeweler in the UK and loves reading feedback through the Ingles & Rhode Reviews that are shared with her team.

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