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End Of Challenge Review – Fear Mastery

It’s time to celebrate big time. The 30 day challenge has officially finished!

It’s been a great journey of growth for me, and I’m so happy and grateful to share my final thoughts with you.

Watch in the video how this challenge transformed my life.

Everybody will agree that they want to have a dream relationship at some point in life.

Everybody can, but it requires you to do some work to create the dream relationship you want.

You need to work on your fear.

More often than not, fear stops us from having the relationship we want.

When you do things out of your comfort zone, you learn more about different kinds of fears you never even realized you have – fear about rejection, fear about successfully having a deep connection with somebody, and fear about having a dream relationship finally come true in your life.

But those fears are often made up in our mind. Most of the time, your fear is not how your reality actually is. It’s what we do in order to emotionally protect ourselves or how our social conditioning plays out.

For example, when I started this challenge, I learnt my fear about rejection was big enough to stop me from talking to anybody.

As a woman, I’ve been taught that I shouldn’t approach a guy I like because being rejected is shameful.
I attached my self-worth to whether people accept me or not.

When I actually got rejected over and over during this challenge, I realized it actually helped me to love myself no matter what and made me feel confident about expressing what I like and want to others.

My fear wasn’t just about rejection. I had fear about success, too.

I’ve believed for a long time that I’m not good enough to have a relationship which I want and lasts.

It stopped me from actually going on a date with a guy who liked me back in the street until the very end of this challenge.

But in the end. I did it. I went on an instant date.

We are capable of creating what we want in our lives, the dream relationship, but only when we work on our own fears.

How we overcome our fear is simply by making a commitment that we will no longer run away from it and step into creating what we want in our lives.

A dream relationship is not just given nor will happen when your Mr. or Mrs. Right comes along.

It’s you who creates it by understanding fear and letting it go.


Thank you a lot for your support so far.

You’ve been a part of the Love Openly family and we are so proud to have you with us. Your support is what helped me to keep going and has changed my life completely.

We will continue to share more content to help you to create your dream relationship, starting from finding a partner to building a healthy and strong relationship which lasts forever.

So stay with us via our newsletter. Let’s grow together.

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