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From Rejection to Attraction

Have you ever tried being dumped by a boyfriend? Or have you experienced being rejected by a guy you met at a party? These are awful forms of rejection which often leaves the girl not only broken hearted but also with her self-esteem shattered into pieces. If you have had experience rejection of this kind, don’t despair and feel short of yourself. Instead, turn this experience to your advantage and learn from it. It is because of this experience that you know the aspects in yourself that need to be changed. So, work on these aspects to make yourself attractive and not anymore a potential for rejection.

If you were rejected because the guy thought you are not classy enough for him, then you know what you have to make over. Put aside your old clothes and change your wardrobe with fashionable pieces to make yourself stylish and trendy. You have to dress to attract men since dressing up is one way for the guys to figure out if a girl is confident with herself. Also, you can try putting on make-up to enhance your facial assets. If you know that guys are often turned off with your personality, then be open-minded about changing how you should interact with others. A great personality is not only attractive but it also puts a person way ahead of others. Learn how to interact with various kinds of people to develop you personality and be interesting by having a great sense of humor. Girls who get rejected are those that lack these qualities and who often come too strong to the guys.

If you know how to change the negative aspects in yourself into negative, you sure have a way to make that rejection you’ve experienced as a turning point to make yourself attractive already.

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