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The main focus of this coaching is to help you achieve 3 goals:

# Stage 1. You find an AMAZING person to start a relationship with.

# Stage 2. You deepen the relationship with your partner until you become an UNSTOPPABLE team.

# Stage 3. You take everything you learned and develop A NEW LEVEL of love for yourself, your friends, family and your partner. Living life on your terms.

Everybody deserves to have the dream relationship they really want. It just requires you to do a bit of work on yourself and your relationship.

Each stage has different challenges, and so does each person with different personal backgrounds and issues.

When you are on your own, it’s hard to see where you are and what’s holding you back from building the relationship you really want.

That’s why a coach is important. Someone who can clarify peculiar issues you might encounter at each stage and guide you to resolve them step by step.

We learnt from our personal experiences and a great number of actual examples we studied to figure out exactly what specific challenges people struggle with at each stage. From years of this work, we developed a system to guide people from finding a partner to developing a healthy and strong relationship with others and themselves step by step.

Whichever stage you are currently at, our coaching program is not just about achieving immediate results only like finding a partner once or fixing one particular problem you have in your current relationship. Yes, you can have all those results from our coaching program, but we aim much higher.

We aim to hand you the keys to a truly life-transforming skill set that you can use to create the relationship you really want.

How does it work?

Learning to have a mastery of relationship building doesn’t happen overnight. It requires some work to do.

That’s why we designed our coaching program to last for 12 months.

There will be 3 sessions of ~30 minute coaching calls each month for 12 months. It’s a focus session where Tim and Lidia personally coach you.
There will also be work materials and homework that we may provide to you to help you learn the core aspects of the program if we think it’s necessary to get you results.

Because we have a system to guide you step by step, we are not planning to ask people to spend a lot of time working on their relationship issues directly on the call. 90 minutes of coaching each month should be enough to change your life.

You can have the first 30 minute session free of charge to decide if our coaching program is something you’d like to join for 12 months.

Once you decide to join, how we will work together for 12 months will be discussed and arranged.

We are personally super excited about launching this coaching program because we know it’s going to change lives of people who join us as ours have changed.

What else do I get?

The Guild

Upon signing up for the coaching programme, you will receive access to our community (The Guild). This is a space where you can communicate with others on a similar path as you. It’s built using the discourse platform, which works on both mobile and desktop, so you can access it wherever you are.

The Text Dating Formula

Upon signing up for the coaching programme, you will receive our guide to texting. This guide explains what happens in a text conversation, why and how to text your love interest in a way that sets up the meet up for a perfect date. Basically everything you need to figure out this problematic part of the dating process!

Additional Bonuses

How To Overcome Oneitis and Deal With Your Crush

When dating, it’s inevitable that you will meet someone that you fall for, but that doesn’t like you back. If you are in this situation it can be excruciatingly painful – what do you do?

With this guide, Tim and Lidia explain everything that you need to know to understand how Oneitis happens, why and what you can do to move on from it forever!

How To Have A Conversation Guide

Talking to people isn’t easy. You run out of things to say, feel nervous, worry about what they think about you. That’s why we created a guide to solve all these problems in the simplest way possible – by giving you a simple and easy to follow method that you can use in all of your conversations.

Who is this for?

It doesn’t matter if you are currently in a relationship or single, or if you are looking for a partner or not.

At whichever stage you are at the moment, you will learn how to build the most satisfying relationship you could create with yourself and others.

Who is this NOT for?

This program is not about quick fixes. It is not a magic pill.

You will be doing hard work on yourself throughout the 12 months. There will be inner work and outer work, taught by coaches who have done the work themselves and are there to guide you through this challenging journey.

We will only work with people that really want to change their life and can demonstrate a commitment to personal growth and development.

When will it start?

You can join us right now. We have set up the website to allow access by signing up here: