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How NOT To Be CREEPY When Talking To Women (Surprising Truth)

In this video I want to help men to know the difference between a creepy guy and a normal guy. The reason I want to do this, is that a huge number of men worry about being creepy and in almost all cases that worry is overblown. But also that in some cases, just some times we are creepy by accident or unintentionally. And in those times, that’s actually part of normal interactions. In society we have a way that we do things and nobody gets it right all the time, not men nor women.


The fear of being judged in men is really powerful and it stops many of the men I coach to take any action talking to women at all. Creepiness in recent years has become a really prominent part of this fear. And that’s part of the reason why online dating is so big now. Sending texts has a lot less perceived risk of creepiness associated with it in general, though its not totally exempt. But from the mans side, actually a big part of that is in dealing with the fear of judgement. Talking in person with someone is a lot scarier and has more risk associated with it, so men generally believe the risk of being seen as creepy is higher.

So, I want you to understand in a simple way what creepiness is in a practical rather than statistical context, so that you can understand that you probably are not that creepy overall, that what you are worried about isn’t being creepy but a more general fear of judgement and rejection. You don’t want either of these to hold you back in your dating life.

Bare in mind that this video and the topic i’m talking about might make you feel a little queazy, and I apologize for that. It’s just the nature of the beast unfortunately! Not much I can do. But I hope you get some use out of the content.

Before I get into some sure signs of creepiness. I just want to throw out a quick tip on how not to be creepy more consistently
– If you feel happy or in the moment
– A GENUINE smile is the simplest way to prevent creepiness.
– If you feel anxious, say so. Then it’s not creepy. It doesn’t mean you are weak or losing your power and it can take the edge off.

So what is creepiness?

We have an inbuilt creepiness radar, and being creepy is when that radar gets triggered. It’s when you make a woman feel anxious somehow. There isn’t any one particular thing that triggers it every time, and there can be false positives.

I can tell you from experience from studying other men, that unfortunately the biggest factor that is most relevant to my viewers about creepiness is if you haven’t had sex in a while.
There is something about not having sex that makes you become different. It changes your personality, and affects your mannerisms. There isn’t a science study about this yet but I’ve seen it in myself and others.
You become on edge, quicker to anger, and you also feel more isolated in general which makes you act almost with contempt.
Been sexually starved is really a struggle because the deeper you get stuck in that rut, the harder it can be to get out of. And that rut is definitely more than mental or emotional. There is something physical going on here and I don’t see anyone talking about it. Unfortunately i’m a bit ahead of the science sometimes and this is one of those things.
I am not talking about watching excessive amounts of porn, or ejaculating a lot. Those things by themselves don’t make you creepy. But it’s the lack of sex and intimacy itself. It changes your vibe and makes you simply less attractive.

When I’ve been in a rut like this. The way out was ALWAYS, to focus on being happy with your situation. And then to make a COMMITMENT to be more social. You have to work on both of these things to see a change.

When you are being social, you can get your emotional needs met. It can be from men or women. Hug people and it will help to change your vibe. From there you can focus more on the sexual side with women again.

Number 2 in terms of creepiness:
Failing to make a move over and over it’s perceived as creepy
– If you fail to make a move, don’t simply hang in there and linger hoping to try again.
– You either have to get it out, or move on.
– Failing to make a move can look like stalking someone pretty much. Stalking someone with a deeply anxious face because you are trying but failing to get over that fear. That’s scary looking as hell. And it’s because you don’t realise that you are doing it.

So again, if you feel anxious. Verbalise that anxiety to release any tension. Talk about what you are doing and what you’re intentions are. It might be a little embarrassing at first. But that’s okay. Being embarrassed is a socially acceptable thing to happen.

Obviously no man wants to experience any of these feelings. But it’s all about courage. Women are attracted to courage. This is all about learning to be socially more attractive.

Number 3 is overstepping the conventional social norms of interaction & ignoring any signs that this creates discomfort. What this boils down to is getting closer and closer without checking and without backing off, making the woman feel trapped
– This can be physical
– Or it can be with the eyes

Women really really hate these things


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Tim LO

Tim is a love coach and writer for Love Openly.

He has qualifications in NLP, hypnotherapy and stress management. HPD, DipHyp, DipNLP, CertSM