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How to Approach a Guy without Being a Flirt

Are you tired of being single? Do you want to enjoy the feeling of being in love and have someone who also loves you back? Then go find a boyfriend. Having a boyfriend is not compulsory but many ladies love to be in a relationship because a boyfriend is like a lover and a friend in one. If you think that it would seem hard for you to get yourself a boyfriend, then learn some techniques about meeting or approaching guys, this is one of the effective methods on how to find a boyfriend. It’s about being gutsy and confident to approach guys and create a great impression.

To do this, go to places like the library, mall, or shops. Big places with lots of people are great venues to find guys you can approach and talk to. Don’t go to bars and clubs and approach the guys there because that would make you look cheap, and clubs are not appropriate places to find yourself a good guy. Take this as an example, you are in a book shop and there is this cute guy looking and browsing through a book in the same section with you. You’ve read that book he’s holding, so now you have a good reason to approach him. Take this opportunity and go near him, comment about how nice or informative the book is. If he just nods and does not reply, deal with the rejection and distant in a subtle way. But if he responds and even talk more, then follow on his lead.

This is just one example of how easy it is to approach a guy in an appropriate venue, it does not look flirty but instead it makes you look friendly. If you have mastered this move, then it will be easy for you to find a guy who can be your boyfriend.

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