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How to Deal with Rejection from Guys

A lot of girls get rejected by guys because they don’t know how to carry themselves with poise and confidence. Some get rejected for not acquiring admirable qualities that are essential for girls to have. To all the girls who have been rejected by the guys, here are some effective ways on how to deal with rejection. Being rejected by a guy is one of the most awful forms of rejection a girl could experience. Some girls get depressed over this and even suffer low self-esteem while others get traumatized and become scared of dealing with guys again for fear of rejection. It is awful indeed but the only way to overcome it is to face it.

Facing rejection starts by looking on the bright side of it. It simply means making something good out of it. Like what people say, you learn from experience and it is because of this experience that you already know which aspects in yourself to correct. For instance, guys turned you down because they find your fashion style weird, then change the way you clothe yourself. You have to dress to attract men and to make yourself presentable. You should wear clothes that are trendy and will look good on you. Also, wear light make-up to put glow in your face. If you got rejected because you don’t have an interesting personality, then do something about it. Be open-minded and learn how to interact with different kinds of people. You also need to develop wit and have a great sense of humor to make yourself very attractive when you speak up. By looking presentable and being intelligent, you can attract guys and prevent yourself from being rejected.

Being rejected is not at all negative. It teaches you to be open-minded about change and it even makes you stronger as a person. So, instead of feeling down about rejection, make something positive out of it.

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