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How to Get Over Rejection from a Guy

Did your boyfriend dump you for another girl? That is awful but you know what? That guy is definitely not worth it. Being dumped by a guy is hurtful as it is a form of rejection. It means you were not good enough for him and that you didn’t satisfy him in getting what he was looking for in a partner. If you did your part to be the best girlfriend for him, then it’s obviously not your fault but his. He’s not contented and so he’s not worth having a special girl like you. How to deal with rejection of this kind is easy, you should move on and find a better man.

Finding a better guy is easy. You just have to think of the areas in which your previous boyfriend runs low. For instance, if your ex was not good looking, make sure this time you find a guy with an oozing sex appeal, one that very girl would drool over. Enrol yourself to an exercise program because the gym is a great venue to find good-looking guys with high appeal. If your previous boyfriend was not financially stable, then it’s time that you find a rich boyfriend. One that does not necessarily come from a wealthy family but has a stable job with good pay. Make sure that the next boyfriend you have has all good qualities that your ex didn’t have, and when you finally have that guy, your ex will surely feel sorry for himself for you are already doing good in the arms of a guy whom you truly deserve.

Don’t despair if your boyfriend dumped you for no good reason, instead take it as challenge to fix yourself and discover who you are. In time when you finally meet the guy you deserve, your ex will regret the decision he made.

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