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How To Meet Girls

Girls are out there, and they are looking for guys like you.

The most important thing you need to know in learning how to meet girls, is that you have to take action.

Without action, you are not going to meet girls, and then you become like all the other guys.

Girls don’t want to be with someone who doesn’t have the courage to go up to them and tell them that they like them.

Many guys get over the fear of approaching a woman, but then fall at the hurdle of telling them that they are attracted to them. This is a fatal mistake.

You only have to look around at your group of friends, or watch a typical Hollywood film to see that this happens all the time. All around, there are guys hanging at the girls every whim, all in the hope that something might happen. Girls are not typically attracted to guys that do this.

This kind of behavior will get you nowhere with women, and its the reason why so called ‘bad boys’ tend to do well with girls. Put simply, a guy who doesn’t care about what a woman thinks doesn’t have the same fear that your typical ‘nice guy’ has. However, don’t be fooled into thinking that the answer is to become a guy who treats women badly. A girl doesn’t want to be treated badly, but if surrounded by guys that don’t behave in the way that she needs, she will more often than not choose that guy who shows greater lack of fear – And thats going to be the ‘bad boy’. Women need to feel protected, and so they seek out guys who show that they can do that. Following a girl around and being her personal slave only shows her that you have no sense of who you are.

The key to meeting girls, is to be better than the bad boy, and better than the typical nice guy. Ultimately, if you are a nice guy who isn’t afraid to stand his ground when he has to, women will flock to you. This kind of guy is so rare, he never stays single for long.

So, the secret how to meet girls isn’t a magic trick, or a special not well known technique that is passed down through the ages to those that are super fortunate. No, simply the way to meet girls is to be strong in character, and know what you want from both them and your life.

Girls chase guys who have wealth and status, because these guys typically have learnt what they want for themselves, and have shown that they are able to go out and get it. A girl looks at a guy like that and wonders if she can be around someone that can take action. The material things that he can provide is usually just the icing on the cake.

You must know in your mind why you want a girl – What is it about a girl that makes your life better? And what is life like without them? Do you only want to meet girls for sex and nothing more?

Different girls want guys for different things, so you only want to be meeting girls that are a match for what you are looking for, or else you are making life much harder for yourself. If you are meeting girls for sex, be sure in your mind that it really is only about sex. Many guys seek sex from girls to fill some sort of whole inside themselves – I have met hundreds of guys who fall into this category. In most cases, they really wanted friendships and to be loved, but didn’t know how to express that properly.

If you want to meet girls for some kind of relationship, then avoid meeting places that are overtly sexual like bars, clubs, discos and the like. The pressure is too high in these kind of environments, and so is the competition.

It may seem counter intuitive at first, but meeting girls whilst living the life that you want is the way to go. The harder you try, the harder it will be for you. Do not give up ever though, as if you give up you will never be satisfied. Simply be the person you want to be, and then the life that you want, and the women in it, will come along for the ride.

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Tim LO

Tim is a love coach and writer for Love Openly.

He has qualifications in NLP, hypnotherapy and stress management. HPD, DipHyp, DipNLP, CertSM