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How to Prevent Rejection from a Guy

Have you ever experienced being rejected by a guy? If you have, then you probably know how awful it feels. If you haven’t, then you should brace yourself for one day you might experience this heartbreaking truth. It’s not just the guys who always get rejected by the girls. Girls also get rejected by the guys and it is more painful. Why? It is because society looks at being dumped by a guy as something degrading for a girl. Also, girls are more emotional and are more weak at heart, so any form of rejection can easily shaken their faith, especially in love. Accepting rejection is the most effective way on how to deal with rejection.

Although it is something very hard to do, you must learn to be strong to be able to deal with rejection of any form, especially the kind that you can get from a guy. There are many reasons why a girl can get rejected by a guy. First, most girls want to find a rich boyfriend, but the guys also like girls who have a good educational background or with a stable job, when they both don’t meet in these areas, a guys usually turns down the girl. Second, girls like to attract men to make them notice them, but some girls come on too string that they already appear like flirting the guy. This too is a reason why a guy rejects a girl. And lastly, guys like girls who are confident and without insecurities. They can sense if a girl is being pretentious, and when they sense that you are not being who you are, it’s a major turn off for them.

Rejection is something that one has to deal with in his or her life. As a girl, you can prevent getting rejected by a guy as long as you follow the tips mentioned above.

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