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How to Prevent Yourself from Getting Rejected

If you don’t know how to deal with rejection from guys, then you must put some effort in yourself so that you won’t ever get that from them. Guys are easy to attract and they seldom reject girls. There are many things though that they consider before they can get attracted to a girl or give her rejection. You can play safe to never ever get rejected by them by following some ideas that this article presents. But mind you, even if you don’t get rejected by a guy, don’t assume that he is already attracted to you. And if by chance you got rejected, don’t ever lose your confidence too.

It is always important to have self-confidence in yourself but you cannot have this if you always think that others look better than you or when you always notice your own flaws. Eradicate this kind of thinking and focus on how to make yourself attractive. You can start with your physical appearance. You can dress to attract men by wearing nice and fashionable clothes that enhance your body’s features. You should also wear appropriate make-up to look more beautiful. Wearing make-up also conceals the scars or marks on your face that bothers you. But to top all of these, always wear a smile to show your confidence. Guys get attracted to girls who are able to carry themselves with poise and who don’t have low self-esteem. Wearing a smile attracts almost any guy as it shows your friendly personality. Also, have a great sense of humor and show some wit for these are the common qualities of a girl that guys admire.

Why be afraid of rejection from guys if you know how you can never get that from them, right? Be attractive in the ways mentioned above and never consider the word rejection in your thoughts.

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