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How To Seduce A Woman

Now that you have been through the learning stage of how to meet girls and have a girl in your sights, you need to know how to seduce her. If you are the kind of man that thinks that finding and approaching a woman is difficult, you might be reading this because you want to learn how to seduce a married woman. Whether a woman is married or not, the process is the same, though I would suggest choosing a single woman instead unless you like drama!

How To Seduce A Woman

There is a single prerequisite for seduction to be possible:

  • There must be attraction between you both

If she is not attracted to you, then nothing you do will make any difference.

How do you know if she is attracted to you?

Well there are a million and one tests out there on the Internet that can give you an answer to this question. I could point you to some of them, but I’d rather not waste your time. The truth is if she is attracted to you, she will let you know in some way that is unique to her. Every woman is different, with some being more assertive than others. Some women, are so closed off and introverted that they will never really give you anything to go on. The more experienced a woman is with a man, the more she will generally give you some sort of response.

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There is a high level of skill in creating attraction, which is a whole other article in and of itself. However, luckily we don’t need to know and understand the inner workings of the female mind. Simply, we just assume that she is attracted – This is necessary in order for you to keep your sanity. If there is any doubt over her attraction to you, it will eat you alive.

Assume she is attracted from the outset.

So here you are with a woman that (you assume) is attracted to you. What do you do?

Having the right level of connection

Building a connection with a woman is the most fundamental requirement when being with the opposite sex or in fact any other person. If you don’t get along with a woman either intellectually, emotionally, or sexually, then you will never have much hope of seducing her. Only one of these 3 types of connection are needed to lead to seduction.

This leads to 3 kinds of ways to relate to her:

1. Intellectual – You are the kind of guy that talks to her for hours, with your minds being stimulated. This kind of relationship can lead to just friends if you are not careful.

2. Emotional – You support her, and she sees you as someone that you can rely on when she needs it. This kind of relationship can lead to you becoming her personal therapist if you are not careful.

3. Sexual – She doesn’t get along with you, and you don’t even know what to say to each other most of the time, but you are around each other because of pure lust. This kind of relationship is the most difficult to build a connection with, but if you are direct you can end up seducing her – You will typically have few chances at this.

Being in the right place at the right time

Provided that you have built a strong enough connection with your would be partner, the second aspect to seduction becomes one of timing and logistics. If she already likes you, then it really is a case of arranging the right scenario for things to go smoothly. Women typically like to be discreet when it comes to their sexuality. Society tells us that a woman who is sexual, is a woman to be avoided. Of course this is ridiculous, however it sadly effects the way that both women and men react to each other. As part of the process of seduction, you must acknowledge that she has to deal with the conflict of her feelings and desires against what is expected of her in terms of what is acceptable in society. You must remove this conflict from her mind, so that she can relax in order for any seduction to happen.

In order to do this, you need to do the following:

  • Find a place where you are alone
  • Throw out subtle hints that if anyone finds out, that you are the one who seduced her, and not the other way around.

If at any moment, her reputation as a woman is threatened, then you will not be able to seduce her.

Remember crucially that women love sex just as much or even more than men. You need to remove the obstacles for her in order to seduce a woman. This is the essential task you must carry out as a man, in order for you to fully enjoy each other. No matter how much she wants you, you will fail if you are unable to do this.

When you are alone, let your desires do the talking. Stand and hold her close, body to body. Listen to her breathing and if it becomes heavy, then she is ready for you.

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