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Is this why you don’t love your Penis??!


Recently I renewed my commitment to semen retention, and I found myself doing something peculiar…

I was looking at my penis for what felt like the first time. Yeah I know it’s weird..

But you know what I realized?

We have eyes to see. We have a nose to breathe. A mouth to eat. Hands to manipulate things… And we have a penis.

And you know what a penis is for:

8==> Its for sexual pleasure. And that’s really all it’s for.

…Think about it.

I mean we urinate out of our penises, but if that’s all they were for, then there’s no way our body would waste all that extra energy making this long external appendage. It would just be a small hole!

..Think about it, really think about it.

To really get to the brass balls of what this post is all about…

…The way that your penis is shaped is also quite clear.

If your penis *wasn’t* meant to go IN something, again it would be a different shape.

Probably smaller.

Maybe just a small thimble.

Just enough for your finger to touch….

…But a thimble it is not. Nope.

Your hand fits snugly AROUND your penis and yet, the primary function of your hand is NOT to *hold* your penis.

Likewise, the primary function of your penis is NOT to be *held* by your hand.

…Again. Think about it. That’s at best a convenience. A handy bonus if you like. 😉

8==> A penis is designed a specific way and for a specific purpose. And that purpose is sexual intercourse (and ultimately procreation).

Are you following me here? There is a reason your penis is BIG.

Your penis is meant to go IN something and if you do it, then you get a pleasure reward. And hopefully, so does the person who you put it in.

Look I know this is long, but I’m getting to the point. Here it is:


Because if you are spending more of your time putting your penis in your hand, over putting your penis in another person, then you aren’t allowing your penis to serve its primary purpose.

If you are not having sexual intercourse, then why are you cheating on your penis with masturbation and porn?

Why settle for second-hand instead of giving your penis what it was specifically designed for?


I know the answer to this could be that you can’t find the right partner to be sexual with.. and that’s ok… For now.

Often when we are horny, or lonely or simply need a distraction… We might opt for that little handy bonus that we can provide ourselves.

But when you truly look at your penis and think about what it’s for, then naturally that’s not the solution you really want.

It’s not big. It’s not pretty. It’s just a sticky mess. And *nobody* wants that.


…Before you can find someone who’s really a good fit for you, you need to develop a healthy relationship with your penis. With porn and with women in general.

Your penis is after all an extension of you.

So it’s worth taking the time to get your head in the right place.

This means cultivating the right actions. You need to know not just how to meet women, but also how to look after yourself. How to appreciate yourself in a healthy way.

To be a superior man.

…I can help you with all that.

In the meantime. Love your penis the right way.



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Tim LO

Tim is a love coach and writer for Love Openly.

He has qualifications in NLP, hypnotherapy and stress management. HPD, DipHyp, DipNLP, CertSM