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Make your Date Admit His Feelings for you with the Use of Body Language

If you have been dating the same guy for weeks now and you are still going out as friends, maybe it’s time that you guys already take your friendship to the next level. But if you are not sure whether your guy wants the same thing or not, then you better do something. Women don’t want to be in a kind of relationship that’s not promising and has no future, they don’t want to be in something that’s complicated or unsure, and so, how you feel right now is normal. An effective way on how you can get a boyfriend is through the use of body language. When you and your guy are together, use this non verbal way of talking to him to give him the message that you want to be more than just friends.

If you don’t know how to use body language, here are some tips. Respond to his every action, for instance, when you are walking together and he suddenly holds your hand tight, give him a soft and gentle grip too. This response will let him know of your affection towards him and will make him get the message that you are comfortable with him. When you two are talking, look him in the eyes and this will display your romance for him. And when he takes you home already, give him a kiss on the cheek. These gestures are not just effective body language to attract men but also to let that special someone know that you are into him. Take note of your date’s body gestures too and maybe you’ll get the message that he also wants more than friendship.

And if you think these methods still don’t make your man talk through what he truly feels about you, then initiate the discussion and be brave to ask him what your real status is. By using body language, you let your date know that you want him too.

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