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How to STOP Oneitis – Recovery and Cure (Podcast #3)

A terrible ONEITIS experience can really make you suffer, if you don’t know how to stop it. In this episode, dating coaches Tim and Lidia help men to finally succeed in their dating life. We explain the actual meaning of ONEITIS and its symptoms, and how to recover from it and avoid getting ONEITIS ever…

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Do This ONE Thing To Avoid The Friend Zone (Podcast #2)

Learning how to get out of the friendzone is something that a lot of men go through at some stage in their life. In this episode, Tim and Lidia talk about the deadly friendzone – what friend zone is, why some people keep getting friendzoned, and how to get out of the friendzone and never…

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Why Online Dating Probably Isn’t Working For You (Podcast #1)

In this first podcast of a new series, Tim and Lidia discuss online dating, it’s evolution, explore the reasons why it’s so difficult to meet a woman consistently though online dating apps today, and what you can do about it. Note: audio quality will improve on the next episode Check out our free course on…

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