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Week 3 Review of the Create Your Dream Relationship Challenge 2018

I can’t believe only one week is left for the challenge now!

Remember how I was at the beginning of the challenge? I couldn’t even ask for directions..

Whoa! I’ve changed a lot..I couldn’t imagine I would feel so confident talking to strangers even before this challenge has finished..

Feeling confident helped me to explore more in different settings in the week going out solo and joining social nights..

Watch in the video the lessons I learnt and how they changed me in the week 3.

There is still some level of anxiety I feel when talking to people.

But what’s important is trying. Once you make a commitment and take a courage to try, the rest follows with time. You will be surprised how simply trying changes how you feel about
yourself and what you can do in life.

I’ve realized ‘trying’ despite anxiety and fear is an act of self-love. I can still love myself even when I’m rejected by others. I keep trying and it attracts people who enjoy my company.

The confidence I feel now is not just about talking to people. I feel confident because I know I’m growing into a person I want to be everyday by choosing to talk to people despite my fear.

Creating a dream relationship starts from having a loving relationship with myself first.

Is there anything you are scared of doing at the moment?

What you are scared of doing could be anything like quitting smoking, ending a relationship you feel drained about, telling somebody that you like them, applying for a new job you’ve dreamt of..

It doesn’t need to be perfect. It might not work out as you wish at one go.

But so what? Try it because you love yourself 🙂 Give yourself a chance to start a change you want in your life by simply trying.

Comment now and tell me what you are scared of doing or changing in your life now.

I wouldn’t have made it this far in this challenge without your support. And I’m here to support you, too 🙂

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