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What Having a Girlfriend Truly Means

Guys always say the line “I need a girlfriend”, but most of them are actually not yet mature enough to handle a serious relationship. Guys should understand that being in a relationship is not just about having happy moments with the girlfriend all the time, for it is like being committed to a girl through thick and thin, but not yet on a marital level. It is being in a healthy relationship in which both parties can grow and enjoy each other’s company. It involves sharing mutual emotions and compatibility. Having a girlfriend is basically having someone that is just more than a friend but less than a wife.

But not all guys share the same understanding on being in a relationship. Some guys are into it just for fun but without realizing that it is not which is why some relationships don’t work out that long. How to meet girls can be done easily but how to stick with one girl and remain loyal to her is hard for some guys who don’t take being in a relationship seriously. Having a girlfriend is not a game, it is something serious and should be seen as a step taken in preparation for the stage of getting married. Guys should look at their girlfriend as their potential wife and should handle her with care if he doesn’t want to lose her. A girlfriend should be loved and a guy can show that love by being faithful to her and making her feel special all the time. Girls, on the other hand, also have important roles to play as a girlfriend, guys are responsible to keep the romance burning.

It is easy for a guy to feel and say that he needs a girlfriend but when he finds himself a girlfriend, keeping her happy and keeping the relationship strong is really challenging. This is the truth that every guy must understand.

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