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What Things Does A Guy Notice On You?

When it comes to getting a man, there is one thing that’s not very well documented on the internet: The fact that the way you dress can either attract a man to you or repel them just as fast. If you’re looking for a new and loving man, the initial step is to find some one to get to know. Most likely you will meet a few guys before you find someone you’re compatible with, and this can take time if you’re not that quick with meeting guys. So in order to speed up this process, you need to do every thing you can to attract guys. One of those things is watching the way you dress.

So how should you dress to attract a man? Should you have your skin on display or dress more reserved but still sexy? My advice is go for the second option. While there’s nothing wrong with showing a LITTLE bit of skin, show too much and you will start to attract the wrong type of guy. And if you’re looking for a loving boyfriend, then this is something you definitely don’t want to have to deal with.

The accessories you wear will also make a big difference. Don’t over do it with the make up, some times natural beauty is a lot more attractive then a face plastered with make up. If you wear too much make up and they end up liking that, you’ll look too different when you take it all off.

When you’ve been going out with a guy for a while, it’s still important to dress nice for him as stated here. Some women put in the effort initially, but as the relationship goes on they tend to only stay in their indoor comfort clothes all the time. While there’s nothing wrong with this on occasion, it’s still important to make him feel like you’re putting in the effort for him here and there.

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Tim LO

Tim is a love coach and writer for Love Openly.

He has qualifications in NLP, hypnotherapy and stress management. HPD, DipHyp, DipNLP, CertSM